Get Emergency Help
with the Click of a Button.

Guard Llama dispatches police to your exact, GPS location so they can find you faster.

How it Works
Barbara Corcoran Shark Tank Investor, Real Estate Mogul
My brother was in a motorcycle accident and 911 couldn't find him. (Guard Llama provides police with your GPS location).

Simpler for you.
Smarter for the police.

  1. Press the button
    on the device twice
  2. Guard Llama sends your GPS location,
    photo, and medical information to the Emergency Dispatch Center
  3. Police are dispatched to your exact location
Pinpoint Accuracy

Sends your location to within an 9-foot radius

Show the police
where to go

With a press of the button, your GPS location — including altitude in case you’re in a multi-story building — is sent to police, along with your photo and medical history.

Summon the police instantly
Then help them find you faster

  • React without needing to remember

    No passwords, no dialing 911, no operator questions. Dispatch instantly knows who you are and where you're located.

  • Know you’re ready to go

    If you have enough cell service to send a text, your Guard Llama app and keychain device will work.

  • Keep it close

    Attach Guard Llama keychain device to a purse, belt loop, key chain – anywhere else that’s easy to access.

  • Protect yourself discreetly

    With no marks, colors or logos; only you know you’re protected by Guard Llama.

We are so much more comfortable showing houses with people we don’t know very well knowing we have Guard Llama. After having a presentation on safety from the police department, we are even happier that through the pairing of Guard Llama with our phones, law enforcement will be able to pinpoint our exact location if we get in trouble and need help.


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